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December Spotlight- Blue Team Home Watch

Blue Team Home Watch, LLC is a Veteran, law enforcement, and family-owned business that provides professional home watch and concierge services to seasonal property owners throughout Naples and greater Collier County Florida. Jay Reed is the founder and co-owner of Blue Team Home Watch and strongly believes that the professional home watch industry is an essential service to our community.  Jay became very passionate about the business of professional home watch after moving his family to Naples following hurricane Irma in 2018 and learning firsthand what our harsh Florida climate can do to a home if it isn’t consistently and properly cared for. Shortly after purchasing their dream home, the family discovered roof leaks, mold, electrical issues, and HVAC problems that had gone undetected months after they had completed the home inspection. This led to a lengthy legal process involving multiple attorneys, engineers, inspections, re-inspections, lowball insurance settlement offers, and mold remediation.  As a result, Jay retired from law enforcement after 26 years of combined service to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office and the Norfolk, VA Police Department to pursue professional home watch full time. Through his experience, he has made it his business to educate customers about why they simply can’t afford to own a seasonal home in southern Florida and not hire a professional home watch service like Blue Team Home Watch, LLC to properly look after one of their most valuable assets. There are just too many things that can and will go wrong while the home sits unoccupied.   Jay and his wife Diana are graduates of the Naples Home Watch Academy, members of the International Home Watch Alliance, and IHWA Certified Home Watch Reporters. They are fully bonded, insured, and properly licensed to do business within the State of Florida. “Here at Blue Team, we recognize that an unoccupied home is a vulnerable home. Let our trained and certified home watch reporters help make the difference by detecting damage before a catastrophic disaster occurs.” Jay Reed Blue Team Home Watch, LLC[email protected]

(239) 306-6200