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The Home Watch Resource Q&A

People are excited about The Home Watch Resource.  If you haven’t read the announcement regarding The Home Watch Resource, you can read it here. Many had questions, so I wanted to address those questions here so everyone can read them. Please visit The Home Watch Resource, provide your email address and we will notify when we launch!

Is it really 100% free?

Yes.  As long as you are a home watch business with legitimate paperwork to prove it, you will have access to The Home Watch Resource at no charge.

There will be modules on everything regarding home watch.   By the time you finish the training you will know the following;

  • Starting your business
  • How to complete a successful home watch.
  • Sales
  • Marketing (Website, Social Media, Search Engine and more.)
  • How to position your company for success.
  • and much more!

I have never owned a home watch company.  I never performed a home watch. Therefore, I  will not be teaching anything related to the actual “home watch.’

All of the training modules  will be taught by instructors that are current successful home watch business owners, professionals such as attorneys, CPA’s, sales and marketers and more.

This will not be a “one instructor” training program.

The goal is to provide an ongoing educational experience for  home watch companies.  There will be the training platform as well as a unmoderated forum that people can ask questions, share ideas, learn from each other and more.  

There will be some surprises too.

No.  It will not be an association.  Nor will it be run like an association. We will never ask to perform background checks, ask for insurance documentation,  charge fees to home watch companies and more. 

We will be rolling out a plan if home watch business owners want to be instructors. Stay tuned!

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