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It’s A Free Directory, Not an Association

There has been some conversation about the online directory. So I want to make one thing very clear. is NOT an association, network, or any other terminology that someone would associate with something that is “members-only.” Therefore, we do not ask for background checks.

Yelp & Other Online Directories.

Like Yelp and other online directories, provides a free online directory for home watch companies. They provide a directory to help your business get traffic, reviews, leads, and sales. Free online directories don’t perform background checks on the companies listed in their directories. is no different.  

Homeowner’s Due Diligence

It is up to the homeowner to do their due diligence when shopping for home watch services. The homeowner will perform some background checks on you and your company. You will struggle to get clients if you are not insured, bonded or provide some background check verification. That being said, It is up to the home watch business owner to make sure the business has done the proper steps to prevent lawsuits and to provide some sort of credibility.  


There are over 200 rankings signals in Google’s algorithm regarding how companies show up in Google search. One of those ranking signals is something called backlinks. Backlinks are a link from another website that points to your website. The more quality backlinks you have, the better your website can show in Google search. Online directories are so popular with digital marketers because they provide backlinks to your website.  

Bottom Line

Having your business listed in an online directory will only help your business. Your business should be listed in as many directories as possible.  Just make sure that all of your information is consistent across all directories.  Since, offers the only free directory dedicated to home watch, having your business listed will only help you. Not hurt you.

You submit your company to the directory here.

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