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Building Your Home Watch Brand

There is a book “Building a Story Brand” written by Donald Miller a New York Times bestselling author.  In his book, he states, “Every day, most business leaders make a mistake that costs them thousands of dollars.”  Mr. Miller writes about the StoryBrand Framework which suggests that people buy things because they read words that make them want to buy things and the StoryBrand Framework makes talking about your brand simple and effective. The book is about a paradigm-shifting approach to connecting with customers and how to develop competitive advantages by helping customers understand your business, products, ideas, or services.  It’s a great read and worth your time.  

Today’s marketing world requires a new and innovative approach to building a business model. For us at the International Home Watch Alliance, we too are thinking outside the box and developing new strategies to help build our brand and to build our leadership position as an Advocate, Innovator, and Educator in an emerging industry of Home Watch.  

Recently a new innovative marketing company emerged in our industry.  We are sure that most of you have been contacted by  Many of you have asked if this is something that our members should consider participating in. is a newly created marketing company committed to providing Home Watch service providers, homeowners, and industry affiliates access to information in the form of blogs, tips, tactics, informational content, and other marketing concepts within the Home Watch industry.  The website will offer advertising opportunities and a company ranking system that is described on its website. If you do not wish to be listed on the site, you may request your company name be removed.  The company was created about a month ago by Ryan Staller, Founder of NetOne360 which is SWFL based digital marketing agency who works with members of the Home Watch industry in building their websites and SEO rankings. He has a demonstrated success story with some of our members. could be considered a paradigm-shifting approach to marketing.

The concept, in part, originated to create more awareness for the industry and clients by building a wealth of content about the industry for those that may consider new avenues and technics for developing new marketing strategies.  Several well-known companies engage in similar marketing strategies such as Angie’s List, Google Ad Words, Facebook, LinkedIn, Nextdoor, Yelp, Thumbtack, Home Advisor, and others, all independently owned companies that have some element of a pay-to-play approach to gain the highest ranked position to gain market share.

As our industry evolves there will be more and more innovative marketing companies that may wish to engage in promoting our industry and we should be open to exploring those opportunities.  Our mission is to Advocate, Innovate, and Educate. seems to have similar objectives in mind for its participants.  The Alliance has a long-standing history of not endorsing a single product or company to our membership.  The Rule of Three is a great best practice in life and business.  So, when considering three or more marketing options for your company, you might consider adding to that list. 

Submitted by The Board of Directors of the International Home Watch Alliance.

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