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My Thoughts on National Home Watch Month

Let’s be honest, March being National Home Watch Month isn’t exactly setting the world on fire. Outside of a few hundred people no one gives a hoot. It feels like every other industry these days gets its own month – National Hot Dog Month (seriously, it’s a thing), National Pizza with Everything Month (a more serious thing, in my book), you name it. Don’t even get me started on social awareness months, which are incredibly important, but sometimes feel a little…well, forced.

Here’s the thing that bugs me most: Veterans Day is just one day. A whole year of brave men and women serving our country, and we dedicate a single day to remember them? That never sat right with me.

But here’s where things get interesting. This whole Home Watch Month thing – what if we flipped the script? What if we used it to celebrate veteran-owned home watch companies?

Think about it. Veterans are exactly the kind of people you want keeping an eye on your house. They’re disciplined, resourceful, and know a thing or two about security. Plus, many veterans come back with a whole new appreciation for home and hearth, the very things home watch companies protect.

So, this March, let’s forget the generic home watch flyers and public service announcements. Let’s seek out veteran-owned home watch businesses. Let’s give our thanks to those who served, not just on Veterans Day, but all year round. Here’s how:

  • Do some research. A quick Google search for “veteran-owned home watch companies + [your city]” can get you started.
  • Spread the word. Social media is your friend here. Let your friends and family know you’re supporting a veteran-owned business.
  • Ask questions. When you contact a home watch company, inquire about their veteran connections. You might be surprised at the stories you hear.

Look, this isn’t about taking away from the importance of National Home Watch Month (although, let’s be real, who needs a whole month for that?). This is about taking something kind of meh and turning it into something meaningful. It’s about showing our appreciation to the people who’ve sacrificed so much, not just for one day, but every day.

So this March, let’s raise a glass (or a box of hot dogs, no judgment) to our veterans, and let’s support the businesses they build. They deserve it, and frankly, our homes deserve the extra security.

Are you a veteran owned home watch company? Let me know your thoughts!

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